CNN: Trump Dominates GOP field heading into 2016

GOP establishment hacks and their crack consultants are going to have their panties in knots over this:


Donald Trump seems set to end 2015 as the dominant force in the race for next year’s Republican nomination for president, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz now a clear — yet distant — second after a strong debate performance, a new CNN/ORC poll released on Wednesday has found.

Trump tops the field with 39%, according to the poll of Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters. That’s more than double the share backing Cruz, who, at 18%, has inched up 2 points since the last CNN/ORC poll, which was taken in late November.

Trump has been a constant atop the polls since his ascent to the lead in July, and this new poll marks the first time Cruz stands significantly apart from the other candidates vying for the nomination. Behind those two, Ben Carson and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio have each slipped a few points and now stand tied at 10%.

If you loathe the GOP establishment as I do you’ll find lots of good news in this poll. Their golden boy Jeb Bush has laid an egg for them and their fallback Marco Rubio isn’t looking like he can save them right now. That could change, but I think Ted Cruz will continue to outflank Rubio.  Oh, do that hate Ted Cruz for this.

Crushing the GOP establishment is an imperative pre-condition to making America great again. No time to garner the evidence here right now, but there is some smart thinking that if the GOP establishment were to get its way it could not only lose the Presidency in 2016 but also the Senate. Here’s the stunner: the thinking is that they might not care, they may think it would be worth it to rid themselves of the conservatives.

That’s even more stupid that usual for the GOP because a Hillary Clinton presidency following the Obamanation of America would pretty much be the end of America as anyone has ever known it. There would be no GOP, establishment or otherwise, just  a few of conservatives as a resistance force, probably hiding in the mountains somewhere with thumb-worn copies of the former U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Old GOP establishment types on the order of Mitch McConnell or John Boehner might think they would have a seat at the table of the new socialist state of Hillary but they’d more likely be stripped of their assets and bank accounts, given food stamps and told to shut up, or else.

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