CNN Opinion Research Poll — 68% Oppose Ground Zero Mosque

Question 41 of this CNN Opinion Research Poll:

41. As you may know, a group of Muslims in the U.S. plan to build a mosque two blocks from the site in New York City where the World Trade Center used to stand. Do you favor or oppose this plan?

Aug. 6-10 2010

Favor 29%
Oppose 68%
No opinion 3%

CNN polls are not always reliable but if the number who oppose were significantly lower than this we can be sure CNN would have found them. It’s likely the number who oppose is even greater. The poll is of 935 registered voters and the margin of error is plus or minus 3 points. Rasmussen polls likely voters as opposed to merely registered voters so are better at predicting how a particular poll result may translate into election results.

The CNN poll raises suspicion because it finds that 51% of respondents believe there is a Constitutional right to same sex marriage. It’s certainly believable that 51% of the country is ignorant of the Constitution but not that it supports gay marriage. After all, gay marriage has been defeated by comfortable margins either in direct election or by the state legislatures in the very blue states of New York, New Jersey and California. In New York and New Jersey it was the state legislature that defeated it. No one who pays attention to politics in those states can believe those state politicians defeated it because they are personally against it. They would approve it in a heartbeat except they know they’d lose the next election if they did. UPDATE: 9th Circuit has halted California gay marriages pending appeal of the District Court “ruling” by Judge Vaughn Walker striking down California’s Proposition 8. [Federal courts holding forth on marriage under state law, overturning a political decision made by popular vote — The world is upside down.]

If a CNN poll says 68% of the public is opposed to the ground zero mosque the number is likely even greater and Obama is further out of touch with the American people than Jimma ever was.

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