The Clintons enriched themselves with Haiti relief efforts

Ths story of how the Clintons, through the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, got rich off Haitain relief efforts is well told in Dinish D’Souza’s book, Hillary’s America — The Secret History of the Democratic Party. Now there is also an excellent ABC News report by investigative journalist Brian Ross.

Here is how the scheme works and why it is appropriate to say the Clinton Crime Family Foundation is essentially a money laundering scheme the launders money derived by theft from the U.S. Treasury and the relief funds provided by international organizations and foreign governments.

Hillary used her power as Secretary of State to funnel money out of the U.S. Treasury to Hatian relief. Then she used whatever power she had to get the relief money funneled through Clinton cronies as the preferred contractors to manage distribution of relief and build hotels and other facilities that supposedly would provide jobs for poor Haitians. The Clinton cronies did a poor job at everything they built and few jobs were created, but the contractors got rich. Then the contractors made large donations to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation which it turns out only uses about 20% of money donated to it for actual charitable purposes.  The majority of its income is spent on administrative matters that somehow always manage to increase the coffers of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Everything the Clintons ever get involved with always offers opportunities for graft and enrichment of Bill and Hillary.  It’s as if their marriage is just a political partnership to gain power and personal wealth, now estimated to be at least $300 million.

The ABC News Report by Brian Ross is not something to dismiss. Neither ABC News nor Brian Ross are at all part of the conservative movement in America. Both could be characterized as actually hostile to conservatives and loathe to do anything that would hurt Hillary’s chances to become President. This report seems to contain too much truth and factual evidence to have come from the Left, but there it is, a rare shining of light on Clinton corruption.

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