Climatistas Are Cracking Up

Now they’re saying that climate change caused the Nepal earthquake.

Recently discovered, that causal factor is seen by a growing body of scientists as further proof that climate change can affect the underlying structure of the Earth.

…a series of life-threatening “extreme geological events” – earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis – is predicted by a group of eminent geologists and geophysicists including University College London’s Bill McGuire, professor emeritus of Geophysical and Climate Hazards.

This is a crackpot theory devoid of any science. The earth’s climate probably is changing because it always has been changing since the earth began. The changes that are occurring now are slow and mild in comparison to the drastic changes in earth’s history. Climate does not control the earth’s plate tectonics which have been on the move though out earth’s 4.3 billion year history.

Robert Tracinski has written on the Epic Fail of Seven Big Environmentalist Predictions, [Global Cooling (1970); Overpopulation (1970); Mass Starvation (1970); Resource Depletion; Mass Extinction; Renewable Energy: and Global Warming].

There in no reason to believe a word any environmentalist says when they have been so starkly wrong about every doomsday scenario they’ve ever predicted.

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