Climate Change Lost Down Under — UPDATED

Yesterday was the day climate change lost in Australia’s national election. All the polls showed Australia’s Labor Party under the leadership of Bill Shorten to be the favorite to win. Over a 100,00 Aussies were polled and Labor came out on top every time. The Liberal Party, led by Scott Morrison was supposed to lose big time.  Didn’t work out that way. The Liberal Party won handily in a strong rebuke against the polls.

In Australia, the Liberal Party is the conservative party. They remember what liberalism used to mean, and apparently it still means the same to them. In America, even a sizable number of Republican elected officials seem to have no memory of the sort of Classical liberalism our Founding Fathers believe in. Maybe they never learned it in the first place.

The Labor Party is the home of Australia’s leftists. You can imagine how the two parties were split on climate change.  It’s a split more pronounced that that between Republicans and Democrats in the USA. While the Democrats have been slurping climate change Kool-Aid for years, a sizable number of Republicans agree with them.

Not so in Australia. While Aussie Labor is just as committed to climate change hoopla as America’s Democrats, the Liberal Party is mostly unmoved by all the hysteria. Scott Morrison has publicly labeled human-caused climate change as “crap.” The Guardian labeled Morrison “jingoistic” for that. I don’t get it. The term refers to extremism in foreign policy and fanatical patriotism. I don’t see how it applies to arguments over climate change, but it’s sufficiently disparaging so maybe that’s why the Guardian likes it.

What is most stunning is how the Australians apparently lied to the pollsters. That is, if we can assume the pollsters accurately reported the results. Pollsters down under are likely little different that in the States, meaning they use polls more to shape opinion than to record it. Either a lot of people lied to pollsters or the pollsters got it all wrong. The rebuke they got is bitter for them, delicious for sane people.

The Labor party has a big bag full of crazy ideas to fight climate change that rival the Ocasio fruitcakes in America. The Australian Liberal Party sees little reason to believe any sort of climate catastrophe is coming. Even if it were so they’re not likely to believe humans caused it or that humans could stop it. They believe all the gargantuan spending proposals put forth by Labor to fight climate change would be catastrophically wasteful. It seems a majority of Australians agree. Wasteful spending is the hallmark of leftists everywhere. Australia’s Liberal Party sees itself as the guardian of common sense.  Would that we in America had such a political party to guide us from error and ruin. We can at least be thankful for Donald J. Trump. He’s trying.

UPDATE:  John Fund on the Australian Upset

Hell hath no fury greater than left-wingers who lose an election in a surprise upset. Think Brexit in 2016. Think Trump’s victory the same year. Now add Australia.

Conservative prime minister Scott Morrison shocked pollsters and pundits alike with his victory on Saturday, and the reaction has been brutal from supporters of the opposition Labor party. They can’t seem to decide whether Australia’s electorate is stupid, evil, or both.

Cathy Wilcox, a newspaper cartoonist, tweeted: “It seems unfair that the morons outnumber the thinking people at election time.” [The thinking people won, Dear] Broadcaster Meshel Laurie concluded that “Australians are dumb, mean-spirited, and greedy. Accept it.” [Those would be the ones who voted for the Labor Party, right?] Some were ready to write off the whole country.

Brigid Delaney, a columnist for the Guardian, wrote, “It’s the country that’s rotten.” [But a bit less rotten now!] She reported from the Labor party’s Election Night event. People there had to face “the fact that their vision for Australia’s future was not affirmed,” she wrote. That “made them feel estranged and alienated from their own country.”

Read the whole thing.

Then read this: Australian Left shocked as anti-global warming policies cost it a national election.


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