Clarification Should Come From Obama Administration, Not From Israel, Says J-Post

The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) killed three wanted Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades terrorists in Nablus that were wanted for the murder of an Israeli Rabbi and father of seven. The Obama Administration has made a rare and unusual request for public clarification by Israel’s National Security Advisor to explain the defensive nature of this action. Dan Diker, writing in the Jerusalem Post says it is the Obama Administration that needs to give clarification to Israel.

First, some background on the current state of the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” as it is erroneously and euphemistically referred to in the popular media. Israel has withdrawn from most of the West Bank and remains in control of only those parts that are strategically vital to Israel’s security, such as the Jordan Valley and its 3,000-foot protective hills overlooking Israel’s major coastal cities. Nablus, where the three Al-Aksa terrorists were neutralized, is under the control of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and it’s American-trained and funded Palestinian Security Force. The PSF was created to do many things but surely among them was the control and eventual elimination of Fatah and Hamas, the two Iranian-backed terrorist groups carrying out a terror war against Israel that mainly targets Israeli civilians. These groups have killed over 1,000 Israeli civilians since the PA launched the Aksa war of terror in 2000. The PSF has proven itself to be wholly ineffective in reigning in these terrorist groups and has actually aided and abetted them and their terrorists operations by a phony “amnesty” program that enables individual terrorists to keep their weapons and remain free to operate as usual. In some instances members of these terrorist groups have been given posts in the PSF to give them cover and make it appear they are no longer terrorists.

When Al-Aksa terrorists make their way into Israel to murder Israeli citizens and then retreat back into the protection of the American-trained and funded PSF, Israel has no way to either arrest them or have them extradited to israel for prosecution. Israel’s IDF must either deal with these terrorists in the only way that is possible or allow them to remain free to continue future terrorist acts. The three Al-Aksa terrorists who murdered Rabbi Meir Chai made their way back to Nablus and the protection of the Palestinian Security Force. The IDF operation that followed was no different than hundreds of other operations against terrorists in the West Bank, and for which previous American administrations have either not asked for clarification of the defensive nature of the operation, or at least done so through security channels. To make this request publicly was, to use one of Barack Obama’s favorite words, “unprecedented.”

Diker’s Jerusalem Post article suggests that it is The United States who should clarify just why the U.S. trained and funded Palestinian Security Force does not do its job by capturing murderers who kill Israeli civilians and turning them over to Israeli authorities for prosecution and determination of their guilt or innocence in an Israeli court.

Diker’s final paragraphs explain:

In view of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades’ direct challenge to the US-backed PA Security forces, it would seem appropriate for to Israel to receive clarifications from the United States as to how these robustly funded and well trained paramilitary forces plan to finally uproot the Fatah and Hamas terror infrastructures that continue to claim the lives of Israeli civilians while physically threatening the PA leadership that is supposed to be securing the foundation for independence.

The United States might also clarify to the Palestinian leadership that in the aftermath of the tragic and violent Iranian-backed Hamas takeover of Gaza following Israel’s 2005 withdrawal, Israelis are not inclined to assume major security risks in line with Palestinian “red line” demands for a second complete Gaza-type withdrawal, particularly in Area C of the West Bank, which houses the strategically vital Jordan Valley and its 3,000-foot protective hills overlooking Israel’s major coastal cities.

To be sure, Israel will become even more risk-averse if the Palestinian Authority proves incapable of completely uprooting the entire terror infrastructure in the areas under their agreed upon jurisdiction.

The Palestinian Authority is supporting a terror war against Israel. Only the PA and the Palestinian people have the power to stop it. Israel can do nothing other than what it is doing. Killing as many of the terror masters as it can but knowing that the Palestinian people will continue to supply replacements for every one of them, every time.

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