How Churchill Saved The Free World

May, 1940 was a critical turning point in the future of the Free World. Lord Halifax wanted to negotiate with Hitler. Churchill saw that Hitler would agree to favorable terms in order to keep Britain from interfering with his plans to fight a one-front war against Russia and the Eastern European Nations. No agreement with Hitler could have stopped him from turning on Britain once he’d conquered Russia. Because Churchill prevailed in the British War Cabinet during a crucial five days in May 24-28, 1940, Halifax was stopped. This later allowed the WW II Allies to have an unsinkable aircraft carrier called the British Isles from which to launch the D-Day assault at Normandy, to liberate France, and to proceed through bloody fighting in Europe to end WW II in the absolute defeat and downfall of the Third Reich.

Were it not for Churchill the United States might never have entered the European war. Certainly it would not have if Hitler had succeeded in negotiating with Halifax and gone around Churchill because Japan would likely have seen no reason to attack Pearl Harbor. The Free World would have collapsed as soon as Hitler finished with Russia and turned his wrath on Britain.

Here is the story of Winston Churchill in five minutes:

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