Chicago sees deadliest September in 13 years

14 shot in 15 hours, 5 of them fatally.  Chicago Tribune on Monday:

In all, 14 people had been shot, six fatally, over a 15-hour period. In the waning days of the month, Chicago had already recorded 60 homicides, the city’s deadliest September since 2002, according to a Tribune analysis. In fact, September has had more homicides than any other month this year, even more than the traditionally violent summer months. Perhaps not coincidentally, the month has been one of the warmest Septembers in years.

The burst of violence came after two consecutive weekends in which more than 50 people were shot for the first time in the four years that the Tribune has been tracking shootings. And in August, more than 40 were shot on four consecutive weekends.

In separate remarks, a clearly frustrated Mayor Rahm Emanuel and police Superintendent Garry McCarthy both emphasized their long-held beliefs that the proliferation of guns and lax gun laws are to blame for much of the violence.

At an unrelated press conference, the mayor lamented how “gangbangers can get access to guns at will” and that violence “happens with a frequency that is unacceptable.”

“I will probably regret what I say because I am angry at what happened here,” Emanuel said. “And I think I speak for everybody who believes that enough is enough.”

In the two mass shootings alone Monday night and early Tuesday, a total of 10 people were shot, five fatally. Those took place in adjacent neighborhoods in the city’s Deering police district, which has seen a sharp increase in shooting incidents so far this year. Through Sunday, there had been 129 shooting incidents, up nearly 75 percent from 74 in the year-earlier period.

Maybe it’s time to end the unholy alliance between the gangs and Chicago politicians. And this isn’t helping: Chicago is a major drug distribution route for the Sinaloa cartel.

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