Chicago — Rat Capital of the U.S.

Criminals in Chicago are ratting each other out like crazy, but that’s not what makes Chicago the rattiest city in the United States. It’s the rodent kind that’s responsible for that. Not the rats them selves, though. Humans know how to control rats and when they neglect to do so we should say they, not the rats, are to blame.

Rats are just doing what they are designed by evolution to do. That is, they are procreating at a mind-bending pace. One rat mama can produce a litter of 12 baby rats. Those little darlings can begin to reproduce in just two months. In one year this adds up a staggering 12,000 descendants of that one mama rat. Imagine thousands of mama rats and you have a genuine nightmare.

This is alarming, why? Because it was rat infestation that brought the “Black Death” to Britain, most of Europe, and large parts of Asia. The British and European population shrank by at least 30% and perhaps by as much as 60%.

It has recently be well proven that the Black Death, i.e. bubonic plague, was caused by rat infestation and their fleas. It was the flea bites on humans that transmitted the deadly disease.

In the 1300s nobody knew that. Y por eso, they lacked the ability to control it because they didn’t understand what needed to be done. Fortunately, we now know what to do to prevent another black death…or do we?

If we know what to do but are not doing it, what will happen? Here’s what will happen — a disease from 700 years ago will return and could theoretically wipe out large sections of our population. We will have the inertia of politicians to blame if that happens.

It probably will not come to that because there will be an outcry when the first deaths from the black plague begin. But I’d be worried if I were a high-ranking Democrat politician in a rat-infested city.

Nobody in 1350 knew what to do. They can’t be blamed. Today’s government officials know what to do. Why aren’t they doing it?

Why do rats love Democrats cities? In the wild they eat woody vegetation. In cities they become omnivores. They’ll eat most anything, garbage especially.  They will also chew on the insulation of electrical wiring causing damage that is hard to locate. Rats can chew holes through most anything, even concrete. They get into very small spaces because they can squeeze through a hole the diameter of a quarter. In cities where the homeless create sidewalk camps, the camps become rat jamborees.

Below is a list of the 50 most rat-infested cities in America, compiled by pest-control giant Orkin.

Please ask yourself what all, or damn near all, of the following cities have in common besides their rat infestation. The answer should be easy, their population is majority Democrat, their local governments are exclusively Democrat bastions run by Democrat politicians. There might be one or two of these cities run by Republicans but I doubt you’ll find any more than that.

From a study done by Orkin:

1. Chicago, Illinois
2. Los Angeles, California
3. New York, New York
4. Washington, DC
5. San Francisco, California
6. Detroit, Michigan
7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8. Cleveland, Ohio
9. Baltimore, Maryland
10. Denver, Colorado
11. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
12. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
13. Boston, Massachusetts
14. Seattle, Washington
15. Atlanta, Georgia
16. Indianapolis, Indiana
17. Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Florida
18. Hartford, Connecticut
19. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
20. Cincinnati, Ohio
21. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
22. Charlotte, North Carolina
23. Houston, Texas
24. Portland, Oregon
25. Columbus, Ohio
26. San Diego, California
27. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
28. Buffalo, New York
29. New Orleans, Louisiana
30. Norfolk, Virginia
31. Richmond, Virginia
32. Albany, New York
33. Kansas City, Missouri
34. Portland, Maine
35. Nashville, Tennessee
36. St. Louis, Missouri
37. Sacramento, California
38. Greenville, South Carolina
39. Grand Rapids, Michigan
40. Phoenix, Arizona
41. Orlando, Florida
42. Tampa, Florida
43. Burlington, New York
44. Champaign, Illinois
45. Rochester, New York
46. Syracuse, New York
47. Charleston, West Virginia
48. Dayton, Ohio
49. Memphis, Tennessee
50. Flint, Michigan

UPDATE: If you want to challenge my blame of Democrats for the rat infestation problem, here’s how you could do it: Any rat infestation program is likely to be met with cries of racism. Far fetched? No, that is exactly what happened in 1967 when LBJ called for a $40 million program to eradicate rats.

Here’s how I would answer your challenge, if you made it: Since rats, like Democrats, want to live in large cities, and rat any extermination program would have to be run by, or at least approved by the Democrats that govern our big cities. Those powerful City Democrats would probably escape the racial tsunami. No one can expect Republicans to sign up for an onslaught of hatred and race baiting.

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