Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the country — and 500 homicides so far in 2012

Chicago reaches 500 homicides with latest fatal shooting

That’s up from 435 in 2011.  Well, what would you expect when you’ve created a system where all the bad guys have guns and the good guys don’t.  But of course most of the fatalities are bad guys killing other bad guys, but not all.  There are quite of few people who are not themselves criminals killed by bad guys committing robberies and assaults.  Many were teenagers that are not in gangs but killed by others who are in gangs.

The story linked above does not say whether all 500 homicides were gun killings. Some were no doubt killed with knives, bludgeons, fists, feet, etc. It’s still safe to assume that most of those homicides were accomplished with a firearm that was against Chicago’s gun laws for the killer to possess.  The guns were possessed Illegally under Federal law as well for those killers who were convicted felons, as most probably were.

The gun laws are simply ineffective. It’s the criminals, not the guns, that need to be controlled.

Tribune Columnist Challenges Obama To Come To Chicago For Funeral Of A ‘Ghettoized’ Minority Murder Victim

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