Chicago activist calls for abolishing the police

From the Kelly File on FoxNews Monday night, Jessica Disu is a community organizer from Chicago.

This stems from the shooting of Paul O’Neal on July 28 by the Chicago Police.

Of course, Jessica Disu is laughable to anyone who isn’t insane. But let’s take her seriously for a momment.

Years ago I read a science fiction novel that depicted Los Angeles as an “abandoned area.” I don’t remember the title or the author. As the story unfolded more areas and at least one entire state were declared to be abandoned areas. These were abandoned by everyone not a member of the gangs that frolicked there free of any police force. None of the members of the criminal gangs were allowed to step out of the area lest they be shot on sight. It was the Old West on the Mexican border with modern military weapons.

These areas were true tests of the survival of the fittest, i.e., the toughest gang of criminals. Nobody else entered without first hiring a heavily militarized private security force to escort them through. Anyone who needed to pass through one of these areas to get where they needed to go would be placed inside a bullet and bomb proof vehicle surrounded by other armored vehicles with gun turrets and full of heavly armed mercenaries to fight their way through.

I wonder if Jessica Disu is prepared to see Chicago become an “abandoned area” after the Chicago police force is abolished. Science fiction is fantasy in the present, and sometimes a fairly accurate glimpse into the future.

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