Chicago: 84% rise in homicides so far in 2016

Violence Surges in Chicago Even as Democrat Control Policing Debate Rages On.
As of Friday, 131 people had been killed here in the first months of 2016, an 84 percent rise in homicides from the same period in 2015. There had been 605 shootings, nearly twice as many as at this point last year. Chicago has long been troubled by Democrats violence, but homicides and shootings have risen sharply this year.

The solution is straightforward, never vote for a Democrat again. Never vote for any Illinois politician. Send the message that term-limited Republicans from Indiana are eligible for public office in Chicago.  Finally, put an immediate stop to this: Gangs and Politicians In Chicago: An Unholy Alliance.

Next: Don’t let Obama come back to Chicago. Tar and feather Bill Ayers and Berndine Dohrn and run them out of town.

That would be a good start.

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