You can’t make this stuff up — gunman’s family calls for more gun control

In January 2012, 19-year old Dante Williams and accomplice Jawan Craig burst into a Waffle House in Spartanburg, SC pointing guns at clerks and customers. They demanded money and terrorized the customers, ordering them to get on the floor. Williams began walking around shouting at the clerk and the customers. One customer sitting at the counter, Justin Harrison, is a CCW permit holder and was armed. As other customers complied with the gunmen’s demands to get on the floor, Harrison decided he was not going to be a victim. He sat still, i.e., stood his ground, and waited to see what Williams would do. When Williams approached pointing his gun, Harrison drew his gun and fired several shots, killing Williams instantly. Craig then tried to take Harrison’s gun away from him but after an unsuccessful struggle fled out the door of the Waffle House. He was apprehended by police shortly thereafter. [lesson: Always be aware of the accomplice]

Williams’ family is now calling for justice for their son. They are calling for more training for CCW applicants. Presently, South Carolina requires an 8-hour gun class, followed by an examination which must be passed, and live-fire qualification. Harrison received his training from a deputy sheriff who has said that Harrison acted properly and followed his training. Harrison has not been charged with any crime.

Williams’ family apparently sees no irony in their calls for more gun control because their beloved son was shot when he used a gun to threaten others with the specter of death. You really can’t make this stuff up.

The whole thing was caught on video surveillance:
FOX Carolina 21

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