Why I Cancelled My Subscription To The Economist

Actually I never had a subscription to the Economist although I should have because I used to like the magazine for its in depth reporting on fiscal and financial issues that effect the economic performance of governments and their people. The title of this post is that of an article by Spencer Morrison of American Greatness who explains why he cancelled his 12-year old subscription to the Economist:

Twelve years on and I’ve finally cancelled my subscription. I hate The Economist. Why? A good case-in-point is their recent article If borders were open: A world of free movement would be $78 trillion richer. The best way to approach this is to dissect the article in detail, exposing its major flaws and biases.

Morrison gives us a long yet very good account of why and how the Economist has put its foot in its mouth with such an outlandish claim that’s false on its face. The immediate explanation for this stumble it that the Economist has become a monster of political correctness and liberal/progressive fallacious thinking.

The simple truth the Economist ignores is that even if it were true that the world would be “richer” (it isn’t true) financial standing is only one of many parameters that determines the fortunes of a nation. That immigrants will earn more by leaving their own country and moving to a country offering higher pay for their particular skill set, or lack of any skills, might make them better off and “richer,” but it may also make other people in that country worse off both financially and culturally. If the immigrant is from a nation with a radically different culture than the one to which he emigrates, and if he refuses to  assimilate into the culture of his new home, trouble lies ahead.

A nation’s culture is important to the stability and happiness of its people. Ripping it asunder with violence and crime that has been imported into the United States in the past couple of decades, has made America poorer is a number of ways. To say the increased economic prosperity of the immigrants makes up for the deterioration of American cultural norms is a big lie perpetrated by radical leftists. It’s a shame a once-great magazine like the Economist has fallen into that awful state of being.

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