Can We Ever Be Friends With China? Can we trust the FBI and the CIA?

From today’s American Thinker by John Green:

Dong Jingwei is a Chinese defector working with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). He served as Vice Minister of State Security in the Chinese Ministry of Defense.  Before defecting, he was responsible for the counterintelligence efforts in China.  He was in a position to know about all things “espionage” in China and is perhaps the highest-level Chinese defector the U.S. has ever had.  Even though the legacy media is playing it down, this is a big deal.

It speaks volumes that the man who knows the identity of all the Chinese spies in our country chose to defect to the DIA and only the DIA.  Further, it’s reported that the DIA is not sharing the information it’s receiving with the FBI or CIA.  Now why would that be?

It’s because, in my opinion, both the FBI and CIA have become so politicized they can no longer be trusted to always have the best interests of the United States in their every endeavor. The top echelon of both  agencies have joined the Swamp, the Deep State that wants to rule and control us without our consent.

These two compromised entities have become so beholden to their cronies in the Deep State we can’t trust them to make America first in their everyday actions. It would be foolish to bring them in on anything having to do with Dong Jingwei and his defection because we can’t know who the FBI and the CIA are working for. Is it the United States, or is it China?

John Green again:

Dong provided details of meetings between U.S. officials, Chinese spies, and Russian SVR agents.  He also provided details about how the Chinese government gained access to CIA communications, which resulted in the deaths of dozens of CIA assets.  Anonymous sources are also reporting that members of the federal law enforcement community (i.e. FBI) are “scared s**tless” about Dong’s information.

Is it possible that the FBI and CIA are hopelessly compromised?  As we’d say in Minnesota — you betcha!

Read that again! If the FBI has reason to be afraid of what Dong may reveal, our country is in peril. Isn’t that something! We get a top level Chinese defector and the FBI and CIA are afraid he’s going to reveal wrongdoing on their part, i.e., something like colluding with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). How in the world did the FBI, once the most respected law enforcement agency in the world, along with Scotland Yard, ever get itself in such a mess? Christopher Wray should be asked that question.

Please read John Green’s essay at the American Thinker for more, much more.



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