Can We Combat Climate Change?

We often hear talk of some new proposal being offered to combat climate change. What will we need to do in order to combat climate change?

Well, we will have to figure out how to regulate the heat of the sun, we’ll have to regulate the position of the sun to the earth at given times, we’ll have to manipulate how the earth turns on its axis, and we’ll have to change ocean currents. That’s just for starters.

We’ll need to get control over the numerous other phenomena that regulate earth’s climate. These are all impossible things for mere humans to do. We simply cannot regulate the climate. We can’t make it change and we can’t stop it from changing. We cannot combat climate change and our attempt to do so may result in other untoward consequences.

But there is one thing we can do to help settle our nerves. We can stop worrying about CO2. Contrary to everything we are being told, CO2 is not the control knob of climate change.

A doubling or tripling of CO2 would make the earth greener with little if any harmful effects because CO2 is plant food. It’s what we exhale every time we take a breath. CO2 has a near negligible effect on earth’s temperature, and whatever effect it does have is diminished as its concentration in the atmosphere increases.

So we should be happy and rest easy knowing that our future will not be impaired by climate change. Even if it is it won’t be because of anything we’ve done or have not done.

Que Sara Sara, Amigos.

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