Can the wearing of masks protect us from Covid?

I say no, here’s why: The recent book by two respected doctors in Germany, Corona: False Alarm: Facts and Figures, first sets out to explain just how dangerous the Coronavirus can be, and just who among us are the most vulnerable to it. It also contains two pages on the justification for wearing masks and concludes there is little reason to wear a mask because there is simply no scientific evidence that it will protect you from the disease.

Before I had read any of the science on the matter, my initial reaction was that a cloth mask cannot possibly offer any protection from a virus of any kind because they are represented in such tiny particles and droplets. If I can breathe through the mask, I said to myself, then why can’t I inhale the corona virus through the mask? I also noticed that even though a mask mandate had been imposed on us, we kept getting reports of more and more cases, more hospitalizations, and more deaths. So what is going on? It appeared to me that the masks were not working.

I was bolstered by the Sheriff of Logan County, Colorado (I live in Wyoming where there is no mask mandate but most stores and offices are requiring masks upon entry. Colorado does have a mask mandate, all the more reason not to live there) who stated publicly that he will not enforce the mask mandate in his county. He stated the if anyone wants to wear a mask they may do so but he will not use the power of his office to enforce it. Now sheriffs are not just law enforcement officers. They must stand for election.

They are in that regard politicians who can be removed from their office in the next election. I don’t believe the Logan County Sheriff is taking a risk of losing the next election. He is no doubt  cognizant that the people of his county are not on board with the mask mandate. Why not, they are farmers in farm country and they have a lot of experience with human and animal diseases of all sorts. They have a fair idea of how infections are spread and, like me, they believe masks are ridiculous. Especially since there seems to be empirical facts that prove it.

CDC recommends masks solely on the assumption they will stop the spray of droplets when the person wearing a mask sneezes or coughs. This doesn’t justify making healthy people wear a mask since they are not likely to cough or sneeze on anyone. I personally am baffled by this. If you can breathe through a mask how can the mask protect you from the very much smaller particles of the virus? If your breath can go through the mask as you breathe then so can the virus. Mask wearing is useless. If everyone is wearing a mask and we are still hearing of high numbers of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths from Covid, isn’t it obvious that masks are not working?

The spread of disease is not the only problem. If you wear a mask you are exhaling into the mask with every breath you take. While your exhaled breath will go through the mask, the mask will slow it down just enough so that when you next inhale you will be inhaling some of what you just exhaled. What is that? It’s Carbon Dioxide, CO2. When you breathe normally, you inhale and exhale some CO2.The CO2 you inhaled is exhaled. With no mask all of it is exhaled, you only get more CO2 if you are rebreathing part of your exhaled CO2.

So what, you might say. CO2 is in what we breath all the time. Isn’t it harmless? I have a friend who answers every question of that sort with, “Yes, but….” The” but” is sometimes useful, always somewhat laughable. In this case it is neither. CO2 is only 450 parts per million in earth’s atmosphere. When we breath, the air we take in contains very little CO2. If we re-breath it, we are taking in a higher lever of CO2 than our bodies are used to.

So what you say? It’s still a tiny amount. Over time, however, the amount of CO2 in our breath will begin to lower the level of oxygen in our blood. The normal level of oxygen our blood is 95-100%. [%CpO2] A level of 88-92% is what people with COPD will usually have. If rebreathing CO2 lowers your %CpO2 blood-oxygen balance it may give you COPD or at least make you more vulnerable to disease or illness.

Conclusion: Mask wearing is not only useless, the mask may, in the long run, hurt you.

I’m not entirely alone in my objection to forced mask wearing. You can find lots of resistance to this foolish idea. Target stores were hit with mass protests a month ago. Here is a good example from California, the state that normally goes along with anything their idiot governor forces upon them: Coronavirus: Why Are We At War of Face Masks

UPDATE: If I believed masks were effective I’d be the first to be wearing them all the time. Why? Because if masks were effective they would be getting us to herd immunity which is what stops all virus pandemics. In fact, herd immunity is the only thing that stops the pandemic. That is how a vaccine works, by making at least 50-60% of the people develop the anti-bodies of the virus. When herd immunity is reached the virus ends up no where to go and that spells is own end. It’s how the Spanish Flu of 1918 ended, suddenly. So if masks worked and a vaccine were available I be a champion for both.

Some people in my realm recoil at the term “herd immunity.” You’re nuts, Willis! Is the common refrain. So I just give them the names and phone number of a couple of epidemiologists I’ve heard speak, who will reply, “Saying there is no such thing as herd immunity is like saying there is no such thing as gravity.”


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