Can Obama stop this coal train?

C-998-X Coal train A coal train about as long as the one in this photo runs through Colorado every day. That’s a lot of coal that represents a lot of paychecks for a lot of people. it also provides relatively cheap electricity for a lot of people. Obama hopes to end all that to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. As all those jobs go away, electricity rates will sky rocket.

How important is it to reduce CO2 emissions from burning coal? Since CO2 represents less that one-half of one percent of the atmosphere* (4/10th of 1% to be exact, or 40 ppm, or 400ppmv), why are so many people upset about CO2 emissions? I did some pretty extensive research on CO2 as a greenhouse gas for an earlier post [How much does carbon dioxide contribute to global warming?] and found that most of the claims made about it don’t seem to be supported by science. Yet millions of people believe otherwise. And apparently, they support killing the coal industry.

Those coal trains sure are long. That’s a lot to kill off for a crackpot idea.

*All plant life on earth needs CO2 to stay alive.  How does it manage to get what it needs when CO2 accounts for such a small part of the atmosphere.  I don’t know.  But maybe that’s the wrong way to look at it.  CO2 is produced in large quantities because all animal life exhales it, burning fuel oil, coal and gasoline emits it, and it probably arises in other ways as well.  Maybe there is so little left as residual gas in the atmosphere because plant life uses it up almost as fast as it is emitted. Just saying, I don’t really know.  I do know that CO2 sequestration in large underground cavities must be the stupidest idea humanity has come up with its checkered history of dumb ideas.

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