How can you love guns when they kill so many people?

“How can you love guns when they kill so many people?” is the question John B. Fischer of The Atlantic wants to explore in his recent rant, Is It Morally Acceptable to Love Machine Guns?

Fischer is dismayed that every year, hundreds of people attend the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot, cultivating a love for [what he calls] assault weapons in an “era of mass violence.” Fischer attended the annual Oklahoma Maching Gun Shoot and shot 80 rounds in less than a minute from a Browning machine gun.  He found it to be quite a lot of fun, and the people were congenial and harmless, “much like at a county fair” he said.  He noted that “Laws are observed and safety procedures meticulously followed”.

Most law abiding gun owners will probably take umbrage at being blamed for something they have no part in. Most law-abiding gun owners think it’s nuts to try to solve a problem by imposing solutions that only affect people who aren’t the cause of the problem. It makes no more sense than blaming teetotalers for highway deaths caused by drunk drivers. It’s like claiming we could end the obesity problem in America by banning forks and spoons.

Mr. Fischer admits that both sides of the gun debate are concerned about gun violence but have different ideas of how to solve it. The Left believes that more gun restrictions will combat gun violence. Legal gun owners believe it’s insanity to think that placing restrictions on peaceful people will do anything about gun violence.

Fischer sees the way out of the conundrum this way:

The first step toward any reconciliation of policy positions will be an acknowledgement from individuals on both sides that they can be both right and wrong at the same time.

Liz Shield of PJ Media is having none of Fischer’s argument on that. Regarding Fischer’s contention that the opposing sides can be both right and wrong at the same time, she responds:

Actually, they can’t. One side is right and one side is wrong. One side wants to punish and restrict the other side to solve a problem for which they are not responsible. Law-abiding firearms owners are the people who are the intended subjects of the left’s “solutions” to gun violence, not the actual perpetrators of gun crime. Until that stops, until the left stops trying to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms, the fight will continue. It’s unfortunate that Fischer didn’t learn that lesson from his enjoyable, safe experience with the gun community in Oklahoma.

I’m with Liz Shields. One side is right and the other is simply wrong. Plain wrong.

Fischer likes to claim that the high level of gun violence in America justifies gun restrictions on people who are not part of any gun violence. Here is a plainly true fact that we are not supposed to say or admit: if you factor out the gun violence of black people killing other black people America would have one of the lowest rates of gun violence in the world. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports are the source for this fact.

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