Can a Democrat and a Republican be close friends — married even?

A recent Wall Street Journal article explores this situation and offers advice on how to manage spousal harmony within a marriage of two people with opposing political views.

Loathe Your Loved One’s Politics? Here’s Some Advice

It’s been said that the WSJ article in interesting and instructional. That may be so, but I have a little bit different opinion on part of it. Near the end of the article, this most interesting part is considered:

Is there an upside to having different views from others in your life?

Yes. It expands your mind. You can learn something from them. It can make you more tolerant and more aware that the world is not just your little bubble. If you limit yourself to people who agree with you, you’re going to miss out on a lot of important relationships with people who might be good to you, who will add to your life.

That may also be true….in some cases. Not in all cases. I think it heavily depends on the intrinsic value of the thing or things upon which two people disagree. Football fans love to argue with each other over which player did what and how well or awful he did it. The advantage of sports is that we can argue without getting angry with each other. Well, until even that was intruded with politics. Now even football is dangerous to argue about. What was once done in great fun, is now too distasteful to digest.

Let’s say you are a Republican and your friend or spouse is a Democrat. A lot of lies have been spoken and written by Democrats about Donald Trump. You have followed it closely, done your own research in an attempt to find out what is true and what is false.  You’ve done this because you love truth and you despise political lies. You love truth so much you are always willing to accept the truth even when it goes against what you would like to believe.

Your friend, spouse, or significant other thinks the same way but you have discerned that they seem to have easily fallen prey to some pretty outlandish lies. When you try to have a conversation about that, it all goes “meshugana”, [Yidish slang for a person who acts in a crazy or nonsensical way]

On this, I didn’t find the WSJ article very helpful. The elephants and the donkeys are just too far apart.

The Democrats lie, cheat and steal. There is simply no way to reconcile that with a loyal Democrat, even the ones who do not themselves lie, cheat and steal. To a man or woman, they will either not believe that Democrats lie, cheat and steal, or they are willing to overlook it with the assurance of that old worn out slogan, “Everybody does it.”

Everybody does not do it. Republicans can be stupid at times, and there have been some rogue Republicans who have made lying, cheating and stealing as a platform for their political endeavors. But those are fairly rare and when exposed are not supported by their fellow Republicans. It would be wrong to depict the Republican party as liars, cheaters and thieves simply because there may be a few miscreants in their midst. Especially so, since the GOP does not jump to the defense of their scoundrels. In fact, the scoundrels are almost always quickly sent packing.

Democrats, on the other hand, will always circle the wagons around any of their comrades when they are discovered as heinously corrupt. We see that right now with the Joe Biden corruption that has come to light. We saw it when the Clintons were protected by their fellow travelers when some of their worst corruption was exposed. We know Obama’s presidential salary cannot explain how he and Michele came to be multimillionaires, now living in a $13 million mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.

The Democrats have been blessed by a media that can be relied upon to always come to their rescue. Witness how the liberal media is right now ignoring the Biden corruption. Actually it’s more than ignoring Biden wrongdoing, they are helping to cover it up. Republicans have no such support, not even from those few media outlets that agree with GOP political views.

All of the media actually do what they are supposed to do when it’s Republicans in the dock. But never when it’s Democrats. That has a bad affect on Democrats, and explains how and why they can be so brazen.

All this means one thing. If you and your close friend or spouse are at odds with each other politically, then unless both are willing to give a little, there may be no way out of that vexatious conundrum, no matter what the WJS says.

Here’s why.  “Giving a little” must be giving a little on things that are not corrupt. No self-respecting person is likely to give even a little on lying, cheating and stealing. If a Democrat wants to have an intimate relationship with a Republican, he or she should admit that the Democrat party is a criminal organization and explain why they are willing to side with criminals.

What would happen if the Democrat party did the impossible and most unlikely and suddenly stopped being so crooked? It might not change fast but it would change. The Democrat party would gradually become more congenial and less bombastic and argumentative. It would become less corrupt, maybe even to the point of eliminating corruption from their party. It would become a party that a free thinking person would no longer have to be ashamed to be a member of. It would become a party that might work with Republicans to make America a better country. The Democratic party would begin to resemble the Democrat party my mother belonged to in the 1940s and 1950s. But it would be even better than that because there is not now and never again will be racial discrimination, as there was in time gone by.

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