Campus CCW: Zero crimes after 15 years

There’s a group of people who are horrified by the thought that those who qualify for a CCW permit may be allowed to carry their guns on a university campus. After nearly 15 years of many states adopting campus carry those fears are shown to be unfounded.

Campus Carry: Nearly 15 Years With Zero Crimes by Concealed Carriers by AWR Hawkins:

Campus carry went into effect in Colorado in 2003, in Utah in 2004, and followed in another nine states over the next 13 years. Throughout this time, there have been zero crimes by concealed-carry permit holders on campus, which of course means zero mass shootings.

That no mass shootings have been committed by concealed-carry permit holders is a necessary point to make given the hyperbolic hand-wringing of the leftist gun-grabbers who warned that campus carry would result in bloodshed and Wild West scenarios on campus.

The objection to firearms carried lawfully by people who have no criminal record or other disabling characteristic seems to always be based upon a fear that the mere presence of a gun will make a peaceful person suddenly turn violent. There is no evidence to support that. Instead all available evidence shows that CCW holders are the most peaceful and law-abiding among us.

For example, prior to Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich signing campus carry legislation into law on Dec. 19, 2016, The Lantern quoted Ohio State University professor Merrill Kaplan saying:

One of my nightmare scenarios is that an attacker bursts into my classroom, with a weapon, and that students leap to their feet and there’s crossfire, and there are several people who [are] armed, who are not law enforcement, who make the situation more complicated, with more lead in the air. The chances of that happening go up when there are people in that room who have guns.

And prior to campus carry taking effect in Texas on Aug. 1, 2016, TIME reported that University of Houston professor Jonathan Snow warned his fellow professors to change their curriculum and avoid “sensitive topics” to keep from angering armed, law-abiding students. He oversaw a faculty presentation that warned that professors should “drop certain topics from [their] curriculum,” “not ‘go there’ if [they] sense anger” and “limit student access off hours.”

Snow spoke of the “chilling effect” that campus carry could have on classroom discussions.

Other critics of campus carry went even further. For instance, Huffington Post quoted Richard Martinez—whose son died in the May 23, 2014, Santa Barbara attack—telling the Texas legislature, “I heard arguments about how [campus carry] will help women defend themselves against sexual assaults. Isn’t it more likely there will be more assaults at gunpoint?”

Yet data shows that women with access to guns are able to stop sexual assaults before they can be completed.

This sort of thinking attributes magical qualities to an inanimate object, the gun. The refusal to lay the blame where it belongs, on the person holding the gun, is mind boggling to me. A gun is neither safe nor dangerous. It is the person who holds the gun that may be safe or dangerous. People of the Left tend to blame things instead of people. They adopt slogans like “gun safety” so they can ignore personal safety. It is always the Left that wants to go easy on criminals by finding something to blame other than the one who committed the crime and is truly to blame for all of the consequences of the crime.

See also, Guns on University Campuses: The Colorado Experience by David Kopel

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