California’s heartless progressives

Progressive policies drive more into poverty by Joel Kotkin, one of the last of the good liberals. The other two are Nat Hentoff and Fred Siegel. My mother, also a good and decent liberal, was the 4th, or the first, of the good ones but she’s been gone for a while now. Kotkin, Hentoff and Siegel are all that are left to carry the torch. These men are old and when they are gone there will not be a decent liberal left on the planet.

In the Orange County Register Kotkin refers to a United Way Study showing that progressive policies in California have led to massive poverty among Latinos and Blacks, people progressives claim to care about. Progressives, modern liberals in disguise, address the problem by doubling down on the very policies that are responsible for it.

Kotkin, an old time liberal who is not one of these so-called progressives, calls it a matter of progressive heart failure. Glenn Reynolds calls it an intentional policy to create more dependent progressive voters. Both are right.

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