C.L. Bryant Gives A Stemwinder At Free-PAC

C.L. Bryant is a Baptist minister and a passionate defender of freedom. Free-PAC is the political action group of Freedom Works, a grassroots organization created and chaired by former U.S. House member Dick Armey and dedicated to low taxes, less government and more freedom. Free-PAC is holding its annual conference in Dallas this week.

C.L. Bryant gave a persuasive and rousing speech, i.e., a stemwinder, at Free-PAC last night. Speaking of his days as an Afro-centrist back in the 1970’s he tells a story about his grandfather who lacked education but was endowed with abundant wisdom. One day his grandfather, who fought in World War I, said to him, “I didn’t go through all that I went through so you could be Black. I went through all that I went through so you could be free.”

Listen and watch C.L. Bryant tell this an other stories and be moved, perhaps to tears…of joy that is.

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