Bystander shoots armed robbers in Virginia Beach

Have you heard this one? Two thugs wearing masks walk into a 7-11, pointing guns at people and demand money, but a bystander shoots them. One is dead and the other is injured. No innocents were harmed.

This was no joke, the lawfully-armed bystander explained it this way, “Nobody points a gun at me and gets away with it.”

We need more of this. We need more criminals to understand that lots of good people have concealed gun permits and know how to use them. Lots of good people have received training in how to carry and use their firearm in an emergency.

Lots of good people have developed the most important skill they need to defend themselves and others. That most important skill is how to safely and quickly draw from concealment and accurately put shots on target. Lots of practice under the supervision of a good trainer is needed to fully develop that skill. Don’t do it with a loaded gun until you’ve been adequately trained and developed the necessary muscle memory.

Criminals need to learn it’s not as easy as they think to walk into a convenience store wielding a gun and demanding money. That endeavor might end badly for them.


Here’s the story, from the Virginian Pilot: Robber Shot and Killed by Bystander at 7-Eleven in Virginia Beach.


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