How to build strength and increase muscle size

Let’s say you can with some effort lift a barbell of a certain weight. Sould you do a lot of reps with that weight, or should to go to heavier weight that you can lift, but only for fewer reps? Say you can bench press 80 pounds easily 20 for reps in 3 sets with a 2-minute rest between each set. Should you do that or should you go to 100 pounds which you can you only do 3 reps before you have to stop. In the latter you’ll do 3 reps in 3 sets, and it may surprise you that you will build strength and muscle mass faster with that program than the with 3 sets of 20 reps of the lighter weight. When you get so the 100-pound lift no longer leads to muscle fatigue, you have to go to a heavier weight to gain more strength and muscle size. To be stronger you have to lift heavier weights in the squat, press, and deadlift, usually for five reps or less.

Like many things in this life, the right answer is not the most intuitive one. Examples abound. If a country wants peace with its neighbors it should always be well prepared for war with them. If a country wants less gun violence or any other type of violence it should have a well armed citizenry. If you want to lose weight you should eat several small meals each day instead of one big meal. If a government wants to help unskilled persons get their first job it should have no minimum wage, and surprisingly low-skilled workers will become skilled workers sooner and be better off in the long run than if a mandatory minimum wage is enacted by government. Likewise, for more people to flourish welfare assistance should be limited in time and amount so that only dire emergencies are covered, at least for the able bodied. When government increases taxes too much the result is lower revenue and a stagnant economy. Lowering taxes can increase revenue and economic activity.

You can think of more, I’m sure.

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