Brooklyn Judge Rules New York’s Ban On Nunchucks Is Unconstitutional

Brooklyn Judge Rules New York’s Ban On Nunchucks Is Unconstitutional

Judge Pamela Chen says the ban on nunchucks violates the Second Amendment. Nunchucks have been illegal in Colorado for decades. The ruling is based on the right to keep them in your home.

Whether the state can ban carrying them away from home was not addressed. Colorado’s ban extends to having them in your home. You can’t have them anywhere.

Nunchucks are a martial arts weapon. In trained hands they can be an effective self defense weapon, often without seriously injuring or killing the attacker. If one carried them solely for self defense I think they should be legal. In fact, carrying them for self defense should be encouraged because as effective as they are in stopping an attack they are not necessarily a deadly force weapon. Like a baseball bat they can become a deadly weapon depending on how they are used.

If the defender in an attack knows how to use them solely to discourage the attacker without seriously injuring or killing him, they should be considered protected by the 2nd amendment.

Carrying a non-deadly defensive weapon in addition to your concealed firearm, which is always classified as a deadly weapon, is a good idea. It shows a lack of malice because you carry the non-deadly weapon in hopes of being able to stop an attacker without serious injuring or killing him. A trained nunchucks defender can often successfully disarm even a gun-toting attacker and defuse the situation without further violence.

It’s pretty easy to discern and to prove in court whether someone is carrying nunchucks as an assault weapon or as a defensive weapon. It might be proven by the history of the person in question, whether they have a violent or a peaceful history pretty much establishes their purpose in carrying any weapon. Whether they belong to a violent gang is also relevant evidence. Prior statements to others as to their intent is strong evidence. It’s always amazing that creeps bent on violence will brag about it.

Moreover, banning any weapon really only affects the law-abiding. Criminals willing to commit more serious crimes are little affected by bans on any type of weapon.

This video is a tutorial on using nunchucks for self defense:

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