Britain’s National Hell Service — Death Panels

In England the staff of each hospital decides on its own to designate a patient with a “do not resuscitate” order without knowledge or consent from the patient or the family. Sometimes mistakes are made and a patient who should not be so designated because their health is not bad enough will be given a DNS order. In that case a patient that may have been revived and eventually recover may die needlessly. The situation is usually devastating to a family but it’s deemed close enough for government work.

That’s what happened to a 74-year old woman at the Central Middlesex Hospital at Park Royal. The husband pleaded with the nurses to do something but they just stood back and refused. “They stood back and watched my mother die in the arms of my helpless father. My beautiful mother was treated with no dignity or respect. Instead she was treated like a slab of meat,” said the woman’s son.

Government socialized medicine always has death panels and Obamacare will have them too. It’s the only way to keep the health service from gobbling up every last cent in the country.  In fact, the Obama administration quietly put the death panels back in after taking them out to get Obamacare passed. Now it’s called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).

Technically, the IPAB won’t decree that anyone die. They will only decree who gets life-saving treatment and who does not. So if you are dying but could go on living if you received medical treatment, but the IPAB determines that you aren’t worth it, you die. But of course, if you can make it without medical treatment, good for you. See, they won’t be deciding who lives and who dies. They’ll just be deciding who is worth saving. Oh, and if they make a few mistakes, well that’s government work for you. Look on the bright side. Your medical care will be free. Especially when you don’t get any.

Maybe that’s why voters in several states yesterday gave Obamacare a “crushing rejection,” in the words of Michael Barone.

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