Boeing 767 Autolanding In Brussels

This video shows what it looks like out the front window of a Boeing 767 landing in Brussels when the ceiling is right on the ground and the visibility is about 200 meters or 656 feet. At landing speed that distance is covered in about 2.5 seconds. The runway is not visible until the nose gear meets the pavement. This is done with autopilots (three of them) along with three of everything else all working together to put the airplane safely on the runway right in the touchdown zone. You can hear the automated voice of the radio altimeter calling out height above the ground, and the pilot responding with “Land Three” indicating that all is well with all of the auto-landing systems.

A pilot friend says, “And it is really cool when the autopilots remove the crab in the event of a crosswind, then dip the wing a little bit into the wind to kill the drift, while all at the same time raising the nose to set the flare. Then after touchdown, the plane will track an electronic signal right down the middle of the runway. All you have to do is pull the power off, take manual control after touchdown, and start breathing again.”

This country is not producing very good government and politics right now but the aircraft industry is performing well.

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