Who is to blame for Obamacare failure?

It’s not arguable that Obamacare is a huge failure. Not only did you not get to keep your doctor, your health premiums did not got go down, they went up. They went up by a lot and your deductible went through the roof. The premiums are going up yet again next year, along with the deductible. The only people able to afford Obamacare will be those who get massive subsidies to pay for it. The subsidies are magically financed by the government’s bottomless unicorn fund sprinkled with pixie dust.

Obamacare was sold and still is being sold as the way to reduce the number of uninsured in America. But something perverse has occurred. The only group who has benefited from Obamacare are Medicaid recipients whe get subsidies to pay for it. The middle class can’t qualify for the subsidies and can’t afford the high premiums for an Obamacare policy.  The ranks of the uninsured among the middle class are higher under Obamacare than before. What went wrong?

The entire structure of Obamacare is faulty because it depends on young healthy people buying insurance at a cost that exceeds their insurable risk.  These are individuals who don’t think they need health insurance at all so they’re not willing to pay for  it. The older less healthy, especially those with pre-existing conditions are the main customers of Obamacare. That’s to be expected since requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions makes it impossible to peg the premium to the risk of loss. In other words, it’s not really insurance at all. It’s another government entitilement to be funded by insurance companies. Since they can’t get their money by taking it from the treasury, they soon began to experience massive losses.

That’s what has happened and is the reason many insurance companies are pulling out of Obamacare.

Obamacare cannot be fixed. Why would we think the government is capable of fixing anything when it was government laws and regulations that broke it in the first place? The reality that must be faced is that the government has no business running the health insurance market in America. The government was meddling in the health insurance market long before Obamacare, and the results were always negative. Obamacare just doubled down on the problems the government was already creating.  Hillary and the Democrats have all along wanted Obamacare to be the transition to a government run single payer regime.  Isn’t that just like the Democrats, to break sometihing in hopes it will cause people to want more of the same.

Republicans are being blamed for the failures of Obamacare. That’s curious since no Republican voted for it and no Republican fingerprints can be found on any part of it. Obamacare belongs exclusively to the Democrats, they passed it in a tricky procedure of Senate rules and all manipulation of its provisions since were done at the behest of the Obama administration without any action by Congress.

The insurance companies are also getting a share of the blame for the failure of Obamacare. That’s even more curious because insurance companies are losing money on it. That’s why many of them have already pulled out and why many more will do so in future.

Nobody it seems blames Barack Obama. That is the most curious because Obamacare is all on him and his cronies who wrote it, passed it in a dodgy manipulation of Senate rules, and have sheparded it ever since. Talk about a teflon president, Obama must be coated with titanium.

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