Black Slave Markets in Libya — Legacy of Obama/Hillary Meddling

Black Africans are being sold in open-air slave markets in Libya,  and the fault lies squarely with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Moammar Gadhafi was in full compliance with his 2003 agreement with the United States. That agreement provided that if Gadhafi peacefully gave up his weapons of mass destruction the U.S. would not try to depose him. In other words, everything was working out with Gaghafi, there was no no good reason for the Obama Administration to insert itself in the Libyan civil war that was raging between Gadhafi and forces within Libya seeking his overthrow.

Gadhafi was not making trouble for the U.S. and there was no assurance that the Libyan insurgence would act similarly. In fact, there was reason to believe otherwise and events lately have confirmed it. Now Libya is under the control of radical Islamists and is running a slave market. Young African men are  captured in Nigeria and being offered for about $400 each with the assurance they are strong bodied farm workers.

What irony.

Obama claimed the American founding was tainted by the original sin of slavery. Now it is Obama’s legacy that is tainted with the sin of Black slavery. It is actually worse for Obama than for the founding fathers. The founders were dealing with an institution that had existed in America for 200 years and had existed in the world for 6,000 years. Many of the founders recognized the evil of slavery and wanted to end it. But that was not going to be possible, at least not at that time. They still did their best to put American Southern slavery on a path to its eventual end. They made a concession with the Slave interests that they could outlaw the importation of new slaves 20 years after the Constitution was ratified. When 1808 arrived, the first time the slave market could be outlawed, it was done.

This was followed by a series of compromises between North and South to place severe limits on admission of new slave states. In the end, it took a great civil war to finally end slavery in the United States.

Libya did not have slavery or slave markets until Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton got involved. It is some chutzpah of Obama and Hillary Clinton to condemn the founding fathers over the existence of slavery in America. Now a 154 years after the end of slavery in America, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are responsible for the spread of African slavery to places where it didn’t exist before. Were it not for their blunders that market probably would not exist today.

Obama has always had a soft spot for the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB is a radical Islamist organization formed in the 1930s. The MB achieves it goals not with ballots, but with bullets and swords. Obama was instrumental in having the MB take over the government of Egypt during the so-called “Arab Spring.” Obama wanted a violent bunch of Islamist thugs to rule over Egypt. The Egyptian people were having none of this. They led riots to depose MB leader Mohamed Morsi and replace him with the much more acceptable Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.  Peace and at least a modicum of tranquility has returned to Egypt, although there exists a legacy of violence, all thanks to Obama and his beloved Muslim Brotherhood.

If you aren’t quite up on the slave market currently thriving in Libya, and its about the only market that is thriving there, here are some further reading that will help you catch you up on it:

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