Black Privilege On Parade In Canada

The race card is an example of black privilege. Otherwise is would not work. This a story about a black man in Canada escaping justice by effectively playing the race card against a naive judge driven by more by her emotions than logical reasoning.

The race card has been an effective tool to silence any dissent from political correctness. It works for just about any disagreement with liberal “progressives.”  Scare quotes appropriate because so-called “progressives” are the most unenlightened among us.  They lecture us about so-called and non-existent “white privilege.”

Silencing one’s opposition in a debate by playing the race card is dishonest and destructive. That it can work to allow a criminal to escape justice is horrific.

If white privilege were real there would be no such thing an a “race card.”  If racism in America were a thing it would not be possible to shame anyone by calling them racist. To be labeled a racist is one of the worst things that can besiege anyone. It’s hard tar to remove.

No one wants to be called a racist and will go to great lengths to avoid it. It’s proof that claims of racism are most often completely false

False allegations of racism have been so easy to make and the damage so great that eventually they will lose their power to coerce others to one’s point of view. Lies fly while the truth comes limping behind. Nevertheless, the truth will eventually stand above the lies.

Canadian liberals are the epitome of liberalism gone crazy. We’ve just been given a howling example of liberal race-card abuse at its destructive worst:

Deinsberg St-Hilaire, who is black, drove drunk and killed a bicyclist in a hit-and-run crash. Canadian Judge (the “Honorable” Catherine Aitken) found him not guilty because he feared “police racism:”

From the Ottawa Citizen:

An Ottawa landscaper who covered his tracks and hid from police after a deadly hit-and-run has been spared jail time by a judge who accepted his explanation that a fear of turning himself in was heightened because he’s a “man of color” afraid of racist police.

Deinsberg St-Hilaire

In 2015, Andy Nevin, 39, was cycling along Leitrim Road when Deinsberg St-Hilaire’s pickup truck smashed into him. St-Hilaire was found not guilty of dangerous driving causing death in 2018, but pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice.

During his trial, court heard that St-Hilaire went to substantive lengths to hide his involvement in Nevin’s death.

While the judge said St-Hilaire’s fears didn’t justify his callous actions in covering his tracks, she accepted it was genuine — just like his “deep remorse and shame” for killing Nevin.

But the judge also said St-Hilaire failed to do the right thing after hitting Nevin and showed a blatant lack of respect for Nevin’s grieving family.


If white privilege were real it would be detrimental to every one of any race. Black privilege is no less detrimental. Except it worked well for Deinsberg St-Hilaire before a lawless judge. For the rest of Canadians it’s a travesty of justice.


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