Black-owned business gets a lesson in black political correctness

Black-Owned Restaurant Facing Boycott After Catering a Trump Event

Chef Don Studvent, a Black business owner in Detroit, Michigan, is under fire for catering an event for Donald Trump’s son. His 7-year old restaurant, the 1917 American Bistro, serves well-prepared dishes ranging from grilled shrimp, salmon and chicken to blackened or deep-fried catfish. But they are facing a potential boycott by other African Americans and others protestors against Donald Trump’s presidency.

Studvent was reportedly just returning to the event to pick up his pots and pans when he got caught in a photo-op. His picture taken with Trump’s son ended up all over Facebook, and people started reacting in a way that was never expected.

People began accusing him of “selling out” and postings on Facebook started to appear calling for people to boycott his restaurant and catering service.

Studvent believes that business is business and has nothing to do with politics, bu the public has turned the event into a political issue. They are saying that because of Trump’s rocky relationship with the Black community, no Black-owned business should do business with him or his family members.

Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) would be against this. He believed that black success in any of life’s endeavors was to be celebrated, not condemned for any reason, least of all for political disagreement. But as usual Democrats, black or white, hate succesful blacks who have the temerity to depart from the politically correct path Democrats they have set for them. Democrats were the slave masters and they haven’t shaken that frame of mind.

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