Black lives mattered less in 2016, Black Lives Matter at fault

Homicides Spiked in 2016:

Murder rates have risen in most large American cities this year, according to a Wall Street Journal survey of America’s largest police forces.

Of the 20 police departments the Wall Street Journal surveyed, 16 of reported a rise in homicides from the previous year. Other types of crime, including rape and robberies have also risen in many cities. Chicago saw the most dramatic jump in homicide rates this year. There were 720 murders, marking a 56% increase from 2015. Other cities that saw significant increases include San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Memphis.

It’s not white people killing black people, It’s not cops shooting blacks. It’s black on black crime that is killing most black people. Black Lives Matter made it worse.

61 people shot in Chicago over Christmas weekend, 11 are dead
How many do you suppose were black? Well, 90% had gang affiliations so…

OK TeeJaw, why do you blame Black Lives Matter? Easy, BLM with its race mongering and war on cops has made cops less diligent about interdiction of suspicious behavior by blacks for fear of being called racist. It’s the Ferguson Effect.

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