Bill Kristol tells Marco Rubio to walk away from immigration bill

Speaking to Laura Ingraham on her radio show about the “Gang of 8” immigration bill Kristol had some advice for Marco Rubio: “He should walk away from it. He should say, I made a good faith effort, but you know what, this is not a [good] piece of legislation.”

“Think of the trust you have to have in bureaucracy to make all this work. There’ll be certifications and border security, there’ll be tests of whether people paid back taxes. … If you like Obamacare, you should like this immigration bill. And I honestly think conservatives should oppose it on those grounds alone.”

“I’m a liberal, as you know, on immigration reform. I was more liberal than you [Ingraham] were, I think, in ’06, ’07. I’ve got to say, I couldn’t vote for this bill, I just don’t think it’s good conservative governance, and I don’t think there’s any need to compromise with Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama at this point. There’s no crisis.”

“The impulse that we have to act or that doing something foolish is better than doing nothing is always a mistake, and particularly a mistake in immigration. Because once you legalize, you legalize. It’s done.”

I hope he says all that to Rubio.

Meanwhile Senator Mitch McConnell is apparently working hard to pass the immigration bill “from the shadows.”

Marco Rubio was thought to be a conservative when he was first elected to the Senate from Florida in 2010 but has since hopped in bed with the likes of Chuck Shumer.  It’s a mystery why he has done that.  There must be something awful in the water in the Congressional drinking fountains.

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