Biden Won the 2020 Presidential Election Fair and Square, Didn’t He?

The essay below is meant to be read for its writing style, not for whether you agree or disagree with its thesis. Is it well written? is it easy to read? Does the first line encourage further reading?

Did Biden twin he 2020 election or was he the beneficiary of a rigged election?

I believe, rightly I think, that Biden did not win but was hoisted to the top by a gang of election cheaters.

And yet we are to believe he received 81 million votes on November 3, 2020. No, he did not.  We can’t believe he did. It’s too preposterous.

No crowds ever attended his rallies. There was no crowd at his installation. There are no views for his on-line speeches. The audience for his regular speeches are non-existent. Virtually no viewers at home. An empty chamber for his speech,…

And yet we are to believe he received 81 million votes on November 3, 2020? No, he did not.

Those were fraudulent votes created by a gang of cheaters. Boss Tweed would be proud.

I find Biden’s current awfully low approval numbers to also tell us whether Biden won legitimately or fraudulently.

If it is true that Biden received a spectacular 81 million votes, then we should be seeing an equally high approval number from the electorate. But we don’t.

To my mind, if such a high number of voters gave him the election, they should be speaking out in defense of Biden and his sinking poll numbers.  But they aren’t.

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