Biden Promises Pain

From Frontpagemag:

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., 78, was installed North Korea-style as the placeholder president of the United States of America on January 20, surrounded by 25,000 U.S. troops, along with hundreds of socially-distancing well-wishers in front of an empty National Mall populated with a vast forest of planted American flags to distract from the fact that no one was there.

How long he will last before Nancy Pelosi invokes the 25th Amendment to replace him with the predatory Obama wannabe Kamala Harris is anyone’s guess.

The speech came as the Washington Post admitted hours after militia members were charged in connection with the January riot that former President Donald Trump had nothing to do with the civil disturbance that delayed our Potemkin parliament’s certification of electors a few hours. This was, of course, the riot after which Biden, statist simpleton that he is, scoldedlawmakers who thought they were running for their very lives for not stopping to put face masks on.

I hope my readers will read the whole thing at Frontpagemag. It gives a devastating argument against  the way Trump has been and still is being treated. Chief Justice John Roberts should himself be impeached for how he has ignored the plain language in the United States Constitution.

If the courts had done their job and ruled against the plain as day corruption and unconstitutional actions of the voting officials in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, Trump would be president today.

John Roberts hates Trump with a purple passion. But he had a duty to overcome his hatred and to rule responsibly to fulfill his oath to protect and uphold the United States Constitution. If Roberts had acted responsibly Donald J. Trump would be president today. I suppose, given his abject hatred of Trump, he is very satisfied with himself right about now.

If there is an impeachment trial the GOP should raise strong objections to Robert’s sitting as the judge for the trial. Roberts has shown that he cannot put his prejudices aside and rule legally and responsibly.

Over 10,000 Keystone Pipeline workers would still have their jobs and the U.S. Southern border would still be intact and we would not be seeing hordes of illegal migrants crossing into the United States, bringing a load of Covid-19 with them.

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