Biden Loses The Washington Post on His Infrastructure Bill

When you lose the Washington Post and you’re a liberal politician you’ve really screwed up. That’s just what Joe Biden has done with his monstrous and highly misleading multi-trillion dollars “infrastructure” bill.  The scare quotes are legit because only 5% of the bloat goes to roads and bridges.

Where does all the rest of those trillions go? For stuff some of which might be good but the bulk of which is wasteful and designed more for rewarding cronies and union bosses and CEOs of large corporations. In other words, Biden’s infrastructur bill is a fraud on the scale of the 2020 election fraud that put him in the Whitehouse.  It’s going to take a lot more fraud to ever pay for this boondoggle of political patronage and graft.

Bidden seems to have lost the approval of Jeff Bozo’s Washington Post, which hardly ever disagrees with the most arcane liberal crap designed to rob tax payers.

From the Post:

[The White House has] said corporate tax changes would “more than pay for the mostly one-time investments in the America Jobs Plan.”

But there’s a catch: The $2.3 trillion in spending would take place over the next eight years. It would take until 2036 — 15 years — for President Biden’s proposed corporate tax hikes to generate that much revenue. . . .

“Paying for eight years of spending with 15 years of taxes is a classic Washington gimmick that always ends up proving to not work,” said Brian Riedl, a top budget adviser to the GOP presidential campaigns of Sens. Mitt Romney (Utah) and Marco Rubio (Fla.). “By that logic, you can make the same argument that the 2017 GOP tax cuts are paid for.”

Biden proposes to pay for this with draconian tax increases. The amount of money he will need to carry out this fraud is way more than the country’s GDP can muster. The economy will take a hit in the gut, further diminishing the amounts of tax payer money he will need to pul this craziness off.

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