Beware the Sleeper — If you want to avoid surprise

Paul Merengoff warns that Cory “Spartacus” Booker could be a sleeper who breaks out of nowhere to become the Dems choice for 2020. Conservatives might not see him as the next Democrat star because he appears at least half nuts to us and he’s a serial liar. But that’s probably not how the Dems see him. He might have a lot of flaws but he’s smarter and makes a better appearance than most of the other possible Democrat candidates. He’s a bullshitter but an articulate one.

Whatever his faults, and they are legion, he nevertheless could smoke the other Democrat hopefuls. Kamala Harris is a favorite right now but she’s dumb as a rock and won’t sell well against Booker.

Just thought you should know, do read the Merengoff piece. I’m pretty sure Trump would rather run against one of the other nutbag Democrat candidates.

If Booker wins the Democrat nomination there is one advantage Obama had that he won’t have. A lot of white voters went for Obama to show they aren’t racist.  It didn’t work. They were called racists even more than before. They might not want to repeat that mistake. Experience has shown the race card will be played even more fervently when we elect a black president. We are not one bit racist, but Democrats and their fellow travelers will never stop calling us racists anyway. In fact, experience has also shown us that with a black president the slightest critical word from us with be defended by labeling us racist. Most presidents get criticized and mostly they deserve it. But you can’t criticize a black president. The race card will be played against you if you do. And it will be played hard. We should not take that bait again. We should want a president we can speak about objectively without fear of being called racists.

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