Beware the $100 bill on your windshield

You’ve heard of it, the $100 bill a car jacker sticks on your windshield to get you to step out of your car so he can steal it.  But you recognize this as nonsense, right? An urban legend.

Karen Straughn doesn’t get the joke. She believes it’s real.

So what, you say?  So there’s another gullible fool, what’s new? Well, Karen Straughn is not just another gullible fool, she is the Assistant Attorney General of Maryland. She’s the consumer protection czar in the State of Maryland.  She’s warning the citizens of Maryland that if they suddenly see a $100 bill on their windshield they should not get out of their car.

An extension is needed for PT Barnum’s quip that, “There’s a sucker born every minute, who might become the assistant attorney general of your state.

Believing nonsense might be a universal human weakness.  The Western world fell en mass for the nonsensical hoax of man-made global warming, and now thirty plus years on is still pretty slow coming to its senses.

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