Best violence against women quote of 2012

Dean: It’s almost as if we’re afraid to see women as human beings with the same flaws as men.

Erin: Isn’t it awful? Because it’s so condescending to tell all women they’re victims. I’m not a victim. I made my choices and I take the consequences. And I used to often say that to a woman. I’d say, “Look, you chose that man, you knew he was violent, you chose to have children by this man even though you were being beaten up. Now you take some responsibility for this.”

— Excerpt from an interview in early December, 2012, of Erin Pizzey by Dean Esmay, at Refuting 40 years of lies about domestic violence. In 1971 Erin Pizzey became the founder of the first internationally recognized women’s shelter in Chiswick, London, UK.  Coming from a violent home herself, she was a key figure in the women’s movement of the 1970’s.

Read the entire interview here.

Erin Pizzey is a prolific writer on battered women, women’s violence, domestic violence and other matters.  See Amazon’s Erin Pizzey page.

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