Best Analysis of Trump I’ve Seen or Heard

From: The Women’s National Republican Club

It’s 17:28 minutes long and worth every second of it. Watch it before Youtube takes it down.


I believe this is the best analysis of  Trump I’ve ever seen or heard.
“He may not be the best president we can imagine…but he’s the president we need right now.”
“The choice between Trump and Biden is a choice between a man who loves America and a man who has been captured by a movement that believes America is bad”
“America is not bad, America is not racist, America offers everyone a chance to achieve their goals, to become the best they can be, America is a decent country for everyone of every race, color or creed”
“America is a country that protects the liberty and freedom of everyone, including the right to the free exercise of their religion, the right to criticize politicians and leaders when they go afoul, the  right to peacefully assemble for the redress of grievances”
There is presently a movement to destroy America that seeks to destroy all that we and our ancestors have achieved to make America the best country on earth.  This movement threatens to tear down all the rights and privileges we now have and enjoy. This movement seeks to upset all the good we have achieved. We must stop it and the only way we can do that is to re-elect Donald J. Trump to 4 more years as president. 
President Trump is a man with his finger in the dike and if he is forced to pull it out a deluge will ensue.
We don’t have to believe President Trump is perfect but we do believe he can and will save us from what lies ahead if he is re-elected.
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