Ben Carson under attack by muttonheads on the Left

Ben Carson’s recent comments on the Umpqua mass shooting in Roseberg, Oregon happen to be some of the most thoughtful you’ll hear anywhere. One gets the impression that this pediatric brain surgeon knows something about life and death that goes beyond what his profession might have taught him.

Here are the statements for which  Dr. Carson is being savaged by the Left:

During an appearance on Fox and Friends Brian Kilmeade asked Carson what he personally would do if a gunman walked up to him and asked his religion—as the Roseberg shooter allegedly did to his victims before opening fire last week on the campus of an Oregon community college—Carson responded with what Slate has called “a doozy”:

I’m glad you asked that question because not only would I probably not cooperate with him, I would not just stand there and let him shoot me. I would say: “Hey, guys, everybody attack him! He may shoot me but he can’t get us all.”

Slate says this is just “convenient counterfactual bravery.”  Apparently, Slate thinks you’re out of your mind if don’t just stand there and wait to be shot. Well, that is what most people do, and that’s no counterfactual, that’s a fact. Cowards and bullies know this and depend on it when they embark on their rampage. Ben Carson thinks we should try something different because just standing there means you most certainly will be shot. Rushing the attacker before he gets himself oriented makes his mission more complicated. It gives him something to deal with that he was not expecting.  That is always the best thing you can do to stop an attack. It’s what police officers are trained to do, and many firearms instructors preach escalation of force principles to their students as the best means to defuse a potentially violent situation.

Ben Carson has other more powerful and intelligent supporters on his side of things. The FBI has established that if you are mugged you are much less likely to be injured, or to suffer lesser injuries, if you fight back instead of cooperating with a  criminal.

I found that nonsensical Slate piece with a Google search of ben carson statement on roseberg shooting.  About 40 more just like it popped up. Google’s search engine algorithms say a lot about the politics of the tech bunnies in the rabbit warren at Google.

To Google’s credit, when I put in a search for alternative search engine to Google I came up with a lot of alternatives. This one is interesting: Escape Google With These 12 Search Engines. Another one is DuckDuckGo which claims to be the search engine that doesn’t track you. That’s good for preventing all the ads that Google’s tracking enables advertisers to inundate you with.

The worst example of the Left’s war on Ben Carson, which is really a war on common sense, is by  a muttonhead named Drew Magary that appears in GQ, a magazine and website that claims to be the place for “gentlemen” who “look sharp and live smart.”  Mr. Muttonhead thinks you’re stupid if you take Ben Carson’s advice and refuse to be a victim.  Muttonhead reveals his intellectual depth by giving his piece a catchy title: F**k Ben Carson.

I could say a lot more about Drew Magary and GQ, but nothing I can say will convey the idiocy of it better than if you just go read it for yourself.

Drew Magary, GQ Muttonhead

Drew Magary, GQ Muttonhead

This photo of GQ’s Mr. Muttonhead pretty much says it all. Lest anyone think I am angry at the muttonheads, be assured that I’m not. In fact, I’m quite pleased that this is happening. Not because I’m insensitive to Ben Carson. I love and respect the man. [He probably rejoices in the sort of criticism he’s getting for this.] No, it’s because everything these muttonheads do to attack a smart and thoughtful man like Ben Carson shows just how much they fear him, and the thoughtful thinking he represents.  This should tell Republicans that Ben Carson could be a formidable candidate. This is what really concerns and frightens the muttonheads.

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