So, from the beginning even Strzok doubted the Mueller investigation would lead to anything

In ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Text, Peter Strzok Expressed ‘Concern’ About Joining Mueller Team

The FBI’s top agent on the Trump-Russia investigation sent a text message last year that one top Republican senator says suggests he saw no evidence of Trump campaign collusion.

The text message, which was sent by Peter Strzok, is “jaw-dropping,” Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said in a radio interview on Tuesday.

In an interview with WISN-Milwaukee radio host Jay Weber, Johnson read aloud a May 19, 2017 text that Strzok sent to Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer and his mistress.

Strzok wrote: “You and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern that there’s no big there there.”

The confederates of the Deep State establishment are evil, they’re vile, but they’re not stupid, They’re not inept. They always know what they’re doing. They always understand the dynamics and the underlying facts of what they do. That’s what makes them so depraved, so dishonorable, so wicked, so dangerous.

They never believed the Christopher Steele Russian “dossier” (which we’ve recently learned was written for Steele by Russians).

They knew it was phony. They didn’t care. They hate Donald Trump. They think most Americans are stupid. They thought it was worth a shot. It might work. They’ve successfully taken down people they hate with even less credible charges. They had every reason to believe it would work this time as well. Now it’s blowing up their faces.

They aren’t used to this. They won’t handle it well.

We should brace ourselves for schadenfreude. It’s going to be schadenfreudelicious.

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