Become a Blue State and Become a Criminal Haven

We saw in the summer of 2020 that blue states were being torn apart by rioters robbing, raping, burning and looting while Governors and Mayors forced their police to stand down. When criminals are protected from the police they become emboldened to ply their propensity for crime.

Colorado was once a red state where law and order was largely present. It became a purple state and while never free of some pretty awful crime statistics, it was not a haven for crime because most of the worst criminals were never able to operate without constant fear of being discovered, arrested and prosecuted.

Having recently become a blue state Colorado has become if not yet a criminal haven, something trending in that direction. The majority of violent crime in most states is perpetrated by young men between 18 and 30. Crimes committed do not seem to have increased by an alarming number but the viciousness of those crimes certainly has.

Colorado became a solid blue state after the 2018 elections. Since about a year before that the number of homicide or manslaughter crimes committed by those 18 or under increased by 141%, according to the Colorado Youth Corrections system.

As usual, officials tend to lay the blame on the availability of guns on the street. Whether they are right about that or not, focusing on guns alone has never given a satisfactory answer for controlling crime. Some states have a law that imposes a hefty additional penalty for using a gun to commit a crime. Those laws have proven that they work to reduce gun crime. If the criminal knows he will get 2 years for robbing a convenience store, but if he uses a gun[or a knife] he will get twice or three times that sentence he will likely try to void using a gun or knife to commit his crime. This has shown fewer crimes using a lethal weapon will be committed. It also tends to deter young men from even wanting to possess a gun with a serial number marking it as stolen if it will mean some serious incarceration time.

That’s how to reduce the number of guns on the street — by reducing the demand for them.

At present there are movements to ease youthful criminals and other criminals out of incarceration. That has already increased the crime rate especially in blue states pushing for shorter and shorter jail or prison time.

Criminals will see the system as lenient under these new circumstances deployed by Democrats. This, along with Democrat demands to defund the police, leads to more crimes, especially crimes of violence.

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