Be happy and stop worrying about CO2

You wouldn’t invite 20 people to dinner if you only had food enough for four. The thrust for planting a million trees is just as stupid as if you invited 20 people knowing 16 of them won’t get any dinner. The earth doesn’t have enough food for a million new trees. CO2 is tree food. Earth’s atmosphere has only 400 parts per million of CO2. To accommodate a million more trees earth will need about 1500 parts per million of CO2.

But hey, we all want to save the world. The way to do that is to burn more coal, drive more, fly more. Increase your carbon footprint. You’ll soon see a million more trees. There never was any need to plant them. When the earth becomes more tree friendly a million more trees will show up invited.

Those whining about 400 parts per million will be completely shocked out of their minds when we reach 1500 parts/million.. They may be suicidal. Let them be. If 1500 parts per million drives them crazy, they were probably already half crazy. Earth once had an atmosphere with a CO2 level of 8000 parts per million. Trees and other greenery loved it. So did dinosaurs. Most of them ate that greenery. The others ate the vegan dinosaurs. Like dinosaurs, we are more likely to meet our end by asteroid strikes. No need to worry about that. It won’t do any good. We don’t control asteroids and we don’t control earth’s climate either. We’ll just have to live with that reality,

Don’t worry about what you cannot change. Well, I guess you could change the CO2 level, but not by yourself. You’ll need a few million other people helping it along.

So defy the climate wackos. Be happy.

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