Baltimore’s ditzy mayor can’t take tough questions

In the Baltimore Mayor’s press conference yesterday Fox News Channel reporter Leland Vittert questioned Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake about the recent crime surge in Baltimore fallowing the Freddie Gray riots. Vittert was the first to report that the mayor told Baltimore police to stand down against rioters, saying, “let them loot, it’s only property.” She has repeatedly denied that she said that but it’s on tape and video everywhere. It’s only property? Yeah, other people’s property and the other people are most black people who own businesses that were looted. Since then the police have been blamed for the all the crime in Baltimore and they have been restricted by the mayor. Whenever they do show up to a crime scene they are surrounded by mobs. The mayor has directed the police to stand down because she thinks the appearance of police on the street is “provocative.”

Here is a transcript of what you’ll hear in the video below:

VITTERT: “Is crime rising in Baltimore because the police are doing less?”

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: There are a lot of reasons why.

VITTERT: Is that one of them?

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: There’s — we’re examining all the —

VITTERT: Arrests are down 50%.

MAN: Could you please let her finish?

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: I’m not a hundred percent sure what you’re doing. This is a very orderly press conference that I’ve normally held. We don’t — I don’t — your — your tactics are —

VITTERT: I’m just asking a question.

RAWLINGS-BLAKE: You’re not. You’re being rude, just as you were before. So if you’d like to ask a question and give me an opportunity to answer it, we can do this. Otherwise, I’ll end the conference.

The “man” who told Vittert to let her answer the question was one of suck-ups in the liberal media that always treats her with kid gloves. She can’t answer real questions because she’s never had to before.

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