Baltimore Burning

A lot of white people voted for Obama in 2008 because they were decidedly not racists and they believed that electing a black president would end racial strife once and for all.  They believed that if America elected the first black president, racial healing would occur.  Many of those 2008 voters withheld their vote for Obama in 2012, either by voting for Mitt Romney or by simply not voting at all, because they saw how the Democrats repeatedly attempted to deflect every criticism of Obama by calling it racism.

All presidents get criticized because we live in America where we have a right to speak freely and we are a people of diverse opinions and political viewpoints. Thus, when a president makes public policy on just about any subject there will be people and groups who disagree and will give voice to their objections. Obama’s policies are radical leftist and thus bound to elicit resistance from people who don’t care one whit that Obama is black.

When a political party indulges in the cheap tactic of race baiting to answer every question or complaint, racial healing is impossible.  They are stoking the fires of racial strife because false accusations of racism are so unfair and hard to defend against. Racism is widely held to be odious and vile by the majority of Americans. The mere allegation of racism creates not a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, but a presumption of guilt almost impossible to overcome.

Many blacks, perhaps a majority, are predisposed to believe someone is a racist if anyone in a position of power and influence says so.  Al Sharpton, with aid and comfort from Democrat politicians and bureaucrats, has made a career of race hustling. Racial hatred is the inevitable result of encouraging blacks to believe every untoward event in their lives is caused by white racism. Obama and Democrats everywhere see racial conflict as an opportunity to advance their political agendas.

A black president who was a better man than Obama would have tried to prevent every public dispute from being portrayed as a racial incident. A better man than Obama would have answered his critics by defending his policies with reason and logic. A better man than Obama would not have taken advantage of racial tension but would have denounced it.

Fifty-one years ago in 1964 Mississippi was burning with white racial hatred. How far have we come? Today Baltimore is burning with black racial hatred.  It was Democrats who were responsible for Mississippi burning. They are at it again in Baltimore.

Rush Limbaugh warned in 2008 that an Obama presidency would not end racial strife in America but would make it worse.  Not because Obama is Black, but because he is not an honorable man. We’ve seen with the George Zimmerman affair, the Ferguson riots and now the fires in Baltimore that Rush was more right than he knew.

Here is the 54-second video of Baltimore’s black Democrat mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake giving her “space to destroy” press conference:

Ms. Rawlings-Blake now denies she ever said what you heard her say in the above video.

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