Australia Passes Carbon Tax — and Criminalizes Any Criticism

The global warming hoax depends upon another hoax — that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. The late Ernst Georg Beck proved that it isn’t and that increases in CO2 levels do not raise the temperature of the earth. In fact all increases in CO2 levels are preceded by rising temperatures. In other words, the AGW hoaxers are telling the story backwards, blaming CO2 for a rise in earth’s temperatures when it may be precisely the opposite; it appears that a rise in the earth temperature has always come first. Since 1997 the earth has been in a cooling trend which means the earth is absorbing CO2 rather than radiating it.

Slaying the Sky Dragon, an easy to read book, explains the science of why CO2 in not a greenhouse gas and why the AGW hoaxers need for you to believe it is.

The AGW scare was always meant not to save the earth but to save government grants to university science departments and therefore salaries to scientists, and to save the ability of politicians to enact so-called carbon taxes.

But with people catching on to the hoax it’s harder to sell it. So Australian politicians have decided to just make it a criminal offense for businesses to tell anyone that the necessary price increases of the goods they sell are due to recently enacted carbon tax. Businesses who tell customers their price increase is due to the carbon tax will face fines up to One Million Dollars. Liberals have to keep people ignorant or they won’t be able to advance their agenda.

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