Aussies Beginning to See the Light Through Wind Farms

The Aussies are driving stakes into the heart of the wind farm vampires that dot the rural landscapes there as they do here.

James Delingpole writing in The Telegraph:

The great wind-farm scam is by no means a problem peculiar to [Australia]. All over the world, families are being driven out of their homes, electricity prices being driven sky high, jobs being killed, eagles being sliced and diced, cherished views being blighted, rent-seeking scuzzballs being rewarded. Some countries have proved better at fighting back against the menace than others. Right now, probably the most vigorous opposition is coming from Australia.

This speech, delivered recently by Australian MP Craig Kelly in the Australian House of Representatives elegantly nails it. The Aussies, at least some of them, totally get it.

I welcome this motion moved by the member for La Trobe, for this motion gives the House an opportunity to take a reality check and to examine the effects and the costs of diverting our nation’s scarce and precious resources into subsidising industrial wind farms. Firstly, far from state planning regulations being unreasonably restrictive on wind farm developments, as this motion claims, the states have so far abjectly failed to protect our rural communities, by having planning regulations and noise guidelines so lax as to be perfectly biased in favour of inappropriately sited wind farms. This motion displays a complete contempt for the rural people of Australia, many of whom are unlucky enough to be situated in areas where wind turbines could potentially be located. Back in 2005, the United Nations Environment Program, with one of those ‘the science is settled’ predictions, asserted that global warming would create millions of climate change refugees. By 2010, it was said, these people would be forced to flee their homes because of rising sea levels from melting ice caps. Well, 2010 has come and gone and there has not been a single person made a climate refugee because of rising sea levels. However, here in Australia we now have some of the world’s first climate refugees, forced to flee their homes not by rising sea levels but by government policies subsidising industrial wind turbines.

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