Armed Citizen Saves Lives in Tulsa

A woman got into some sort of altercation in the parking lot of a Tulsa, Oklahoma shopping center. She left the parking lot and returned about 3 minutes later with a gun. She then opened fire on customers but was shot herself by a lawfully armed citizen before her shots hit or injured anyone. She was dead at the scene. I call that a good outcome. This world needs fewer of her kind.

This is exactly why the rise of active shooters justifies allowing law-abiding citizens to obtain permits to carry concealed guns. An active shooter stopped before she hurt anyone is splendid. I wish it worked this way more often.

Active shooters need to know that if they open fire on innocent people someone just might be able  stop them with deadly force. In the recent past almost every active shooter situation has occurred in a gun free zone. These zones need to be abolished because they do harm to innocents by providing the opportunity for killers to commit horrible acts of senseless murder.

The lawfully armed citizen in this case deserves a medal.

Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms:

Who knows how bad this could have been had an armed citizen not been around to stop the shooter before she actually hit anyone? Sadly, because she didn’t actually kill or injure anyone, this story isn’t of nearly as much interest to the media as it would be otherwise, and this story will get virtually no national news coverage because there wasn’t enough carnage inflicted. The media would much rather talk about lives lost than lives saved.

Even locally, the story isn’t really getting a lot of attention. There was a brief writeup in the local paper and a short segment on local news channels, but that’s about it. Granted, this wasn’t a situation that called for hours of live, uninterrupted coverage, but to me this story is just as important as it would be if the suspect had actually taken any innocent lives, and it’s worth far more attention than what its received so far.

In fact, one Tulsa news station managed to report on the story and completely miss the fact that an armed citizen saved lives.

Journalistic malpractice.

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